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Leave Your Home Smelling Like Luxury

3rd Jun 2017

How many of us can say that our homes look like something out of a magazine? That our home is spotlessly clean and

smells like fresh cut roses every day of the week? We venture to guess that not many of us can say this. With pets, kids, and other house guests, it is more likely that, often times, you are struggling to keep up with the cleaning and that your home smells of a combination of different things, none of which are particularly inviting. If you are tired of having your home smell like a boys locker room or like your dog’s bed, it is time to explore Marie et Cie’s collection of scented candles.

At Marie et Cie, we have a wide assortment of wonderfully fragrant candles that are sure to leave your home smelling like enchanting jasmine or subtle amber. From Voluspa candles to Archipelago candles, we carry some of the most beautifully scented candles available. With scent combinations like  French Cade & Lavender and  Bamboo Teak, we have a scent that is sure to please anyone and leave your home smelling wonderful. Get rid of those everyday smells that leave your home smelling like last night’s dinner or dirty laundry. Our collection of scented candles will eliminate those uninviting smells and leave your home smelling exotic and fresh.

Marie et Cie specializes in affordable luxury. Whether you are looking for home decor or for your favorite fragrant candle, all of our products are unique, different, and allow you to escape the ordinary.